FréttirSkrá á póstlista


A fantastic ship

HB Grandi’s new trawler Akurey docked for the first time in Akranes on Tuesday morning after a twelve-and-a-half day delivery trip from its builder in Turkey. Akurey was well ahead of schedule as the trip to Iceland was expected to take fourteen days.

Akurey’s arrival in Iceland was celebrated yesterday with a ceremony at 1500 when CEO Vilhjálmur Vilhjálmsson welcomed guests to open the proceedings.
Minister of Finance Benedikt Jóhannsson made a speech, after which the Svanir male voice choir performed. Ólafur Adolfsson, chairman of the Akranes Council also made a short speech, after which Ingibjörg Björndóttir, the wife of Árni Vilhjálmsson who was HB Grandi’s chairman until the end of his life, gave the ship its name. The Akranes parish priest, Eðvarð Ingólfsson, blessed the new ship before the Svanir male voice choir performed a second time.
Guests had the opportunity to look over the ship and enjoy refreshments provided, to Samúel Thorsteinsson’s accompaniment. Akurey was then open for visitors once the formal ceremony ended.

‘The trip home was very quick and this is an absolutely fantastic ship. Once we were out into the Atlantic we had mostly north-easterly winds as well as a stiff westerly, 18-20m/sec and a three metre wave height, but the ship hardly moved. We pushed straight into the weather to check how it would perform and it was just the same. The ship hardly felt it, just the same as when we had the wind abeam,’ skipper Eiríkur Jónsson said.
The next step will be at Skaginn 3X where the fish handling system and the automated fishroom system will be installed.