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Good result on redfish

Factory trawler Therney docked on Friday after steaming home from Greenland halibut grounds deep off the west of Iceland. This was a split trip that started on redfish and finished on Greenland halibut.

‘We were allowed to start fishing redfish on the 10th of June and we were on the fishing grounds soon after the start date. Fishing was pretty poor to begin with, before it picked up and we were into some heavy fishing by the time we finished our quota. We landed in Reykjavík on the 31st of May and then went north to the Westfjords grounds,’ said skipper Kristinn Gestsson.

The second half of the trip began in bad weather on the Látragrunn grounds with some good fishing for haddock.

‘The weather was terrible, but we stuck with it for a day and a half and did well for a day or so, before we set a course for the Greenland halibut area. We steamed off deep west of the Hali grounds where there’s often good fishing on Greenland halibut at this time of year out by the line Iceland/Greenland line. The catch rate were variable, but overall we did fairly well,’ he said, adding that catching Greenland halibut has been increasingly difficult in recent years.

‘The fish are deep at 350 to 600 fathoms and these days we reckon we’re not doing badly if we’re getting 300kg per towing hour. That doesn’t do much for either the crew or the company, while a tonne an hour, which was once though to be poor fishing, is now seen as a good catch rate. It may well be that Greenland halibut has risen in price, but that doesn’t weigh up against what we’ve lost due to the strengthening currency.’ Kristinn Gestsson said, commenting that he and his crew enjoyed their Seamen’s Day weekend ashore before getting back to work.