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Seafood Expo Global, Brussels

Seafood Expo Global was held in Brussels, April 25th – 27th. HB Grandi has been a participant since 2005, this year was no exception. Seafood Expo in Brussels is the world‘s largest seafood trade fair and the participation has been an important part of HB Grandi‘s marketing efforts. 23 employees attended on behalf of HB Grandi and the marketing department was there to promote our products, discuss with buyers of seafood, strengthen our relationship with current partners and gain new business relations.

„The seafood expo was a great success as well as our booth and our employees did a great job. We had good meeting facilities for 40 people, reception desk, exhibition grounds and a kitchen area where chef Oddur Smári Rafnsson cooked for visitors,“ says Brynjólfur Eyjólfsson, Chief Marketing Officer at HB Grandi.

A video from our booth can be watched below.