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HB Grandi to combine groundfish processing units

HB Grandi will cease groundfish processing in Akranes as of September 1st this year. This was announced yesterday in a meeting with employee and union representatives. The groundfish processing will be combined with the operations in the Nordurgardur plant in Reykjavík. 

Discussion with Akranes local authorities have been useful and HB Grandi aims to strengthen other remaining operations in Akranes, which includes a pelagic processing plant, a fish meal plant and subsidiaries Norðanfiskur and Vignir G. Jónsson.

HB Grandi and its subsidiaries currently employ 270 persons in Akranes, whereof 86 are employed in the groundfish processing plant about to be closed. The employees will be invited to apply for other other jobs at HB Grandi and its subsidiaries in Reykjavík and in Akranes. It is hoped that it will be possible to offer all the employees who so wish a suitable job.