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Irminger redfish season opens tomorrow

According to the regulations Icelandic vessels are allowed to start fishing for Irminger redfish from tomorrow, but as of today there were no Icelandic trawlers out by the 200-mile limit on the Reykjanes Ridge. Thirteen foreign trawlers are fishing just outside the EEZ limits and Russian vessels have been fishing there since the beginning of April.

Quotas for Irminger redfish have been slashed in recent years, to the extent that this year one of HB Grandi’s trawlers, Therney, will be fishing there at the start of summer. Therney is in port in Reykjavík, as its crew have just finished a trip that started in the Norwegian zone of the Barents Sea and finished in home waters off south-east Iceland.

‘Everything went well. Our fishing period in the Norwegian area off Lofoten came to an end so we had to shift to the Nordkapp area and further north to find cod. Fishing was good, with a 700 tonne green weight of fish after three weeks fishing,’ said skipper Ægir Franzson. This finishes HB Grandi’s cod quota in Norwegian waters, leaving the quota in the Russian zone still to be caught.

‘Normally May and June are good months in the Russian area, and there’s some good fishing there right now. But we won’t be going for our Russian quota right away,’ he said.

Therney finished its trip in Icelandic waters, and Ægir Franzson said that the catch was around 200 tonnes in the week spent fishing there.

‘We were mainly in the Berufjörður Gully and the catch was mainly saithe and redfish. We had some Greenland halibut, but no big amounts,’ Ægir Franzson said.