FréttirSkrá á póstlista


Full production from start to finish

HB Grandi’s freezer trawler Therney is now its way home from fishing in the Norwegian zone of the Barents Sea on fishing grounds off the Lofoten Islands. The catch for the trip is a green weight of 1300 tonnes of fish after around four weeks of fishing. According to skipper Kristinn Gestsson, they will be landing at Eskifjörður before heading back to the Barents Sea.

‘This has been a 38-day trip, and we save ourselves around 30 hours’s steaming each way by landing in Eskifjörður instead of Reykjavík. Normally these Barents Sea trips are 40 days, with a lot of time going into steaming to and from fishing grounds.’
This time Therney was fishing mainly on the Fugløy Bank, with the last 10-11 days spent off Lofoten.

‘Fishing has been good and we were able to maintain full production practically the whole time. There wasn’t fish everywhere, as there sometimes can be, but the fish we were catching was very good quality. There was very little by-catch with the cod and we had very little saithe or haddock. Sometimes the by-catch can be a problem, and we can have a 30% by-catch rate when we are fishing cod, but we were nowhere near that this time. Another thing that was different this trip was the weather. Normally we’ve been very lucky with weather, but this time we had rough weather pretty much every day and a a storm blowing for the last couple of days with 18-25m/sec wind speeds,’ Kristinn Gestsson said, adding that he expects to be in port on Thursday.

‘We’ll change crews in Eskifjörður and the intention is to sail on Friday evening. The plan is to finish catching the quota we can take in Norwegian waters,’ he said.