FréttirSkrá á póstlista


Capelin season in its final stages

Only a few pelagic boats are still fishing capelin as the quota is almost exhausted and capelin off western Iceland are either already spawning or about to. HB Grandi’s pelagic vessels Venus and Víkingur are both in port, although there is a chance that Víkingur could get one more trip out of the season.

Víkingur docked at Akranes at midday yesterday with 1600 tonnes in its tanks, which were caught in great many shots, according to skipper Albert Sveinsson.

‘There were only weak marks to be seen and the capelin we caught was mixed, both male and female fish. I hear there has been good fishing after we left the fishing grounds yesterday and we hope it’ll still be that way when we leave once we’ve finished discharging,’ he said.

Venus is alongside at Vopnafjörður after arriving at midnight with 2400 tonnes on board.

‘We took this fish off the west coast, apart from one shot off Skagafjörður while we were on the way easterwards, and that was a 200-300 tonne shot. The capelin there were similar to those off the west coast, apart from a considerably lower roe content,’ skipper Guðlaugur Jónsson said, adding that they do not expect to finish landing until tomorrow night and there are no definite plans for what comes next.