FréttirSkrá á póstlista


Capelin everywhere

‘We’ve followed the capelin all the way northwards and have 1200 tonnes after seven shots. There was a lot to be seen on the sounders once it got dark, but during the day it has been mainly small marks – and you can imagine from the catch,’ said Víkingur’s skipper Albert Sveinsson when we spoke to him.

Víkingur has followed the capelin as they migrate from Snæfellsnes to an area off Dýrafjörður, which was where Víkingur and several other pelagic boats were when we spoke to Albert.

There appears to be capelin all around the country at present and after last weekend there were reports that Jóna Eðvalds had located capelin off the north coast. Ásgrímur Halldórsson was soon on the spot.

‘That area is off Siglufjörður and I hear there has been good fishing there. Four or five boats have been fishing there, and from what we hear, the capelin there isn’t quite as mature as the fish we’re seeing here off the west coast, and the roe content is lower. Jón Kjartansson has also been shooting away on capelin somewhere off the coast coast,’ Albert Sveinsson said.

To complete the picture, it was later reported that Jón Kjartansson had caught its fish off Jölulsárlón and was then steaming to land its fish in Eskifjörður.