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New product line from HB Grandi‘s subsidiary Norðanfiskur

HB Grandi‘s subsidiary Norðanfiskur has launched a new product line called „Fiskur í matinn“ or „Fish for dinner“. With this new product line, Icelanders can get fresh fish in consumer-friendly packaging that is easy to cook. The species that Nordanfiskur offers in this new range are arctic char, golden redfish, salmon, haddock and cod. „Hopefully this will further increase fish consumption in Iceland, and increase the knowledge of golden redfish and how good it is to eat,“ says Vilhjálmur Vilhjálmsson the CEO of HB Grandi. According to Vilhjálmur, Norðanfiskur is now working on a really exciting project with this product line that widens the product range of the company.

„Fiskur í matinn“ is sold in Bónus, the biggest supermarket chain in Iceland. Parallel to the product line Nordanfiskur launched a new website, , that covers a range of delicious fish recipes along with information about the species offered.