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Roe production starts at Akranes

Venus docked yesterday afternoon at Akranes with 2000 tonnes of capelin on board. According to foreman Gunnar Hermannsson at HB Grandi’s processing plant, the roe content is over the required level for extraction and freezing, and the maturity of the roe is good enough to start production.

‘Venus caught this fish off Thorlákshöfn and sampling showed a roe content of 24%, and the maturity was estimated at 78%. So we started the roe extraction last night for frozen production,’ he said, adding that the usual benchmark for roe production is a 23% roe content. Japanese buyers like to see an 80% or more maturity, although he commented that where buyers set the limit also depends on the supply and demand on the market.

Approximately half of the capelin can be expected to be roe-bearing fish suitable for roe extraction and freezing. Other fish are graded out and goes for fishmeal and fish oil production, along with what remains from the extraction process. A staff of around 50 are working around the clock at HB Grandi’s Akranes plant while the season lasts.

‘These are the freezing plant staff, plus we also bring in other people who have worked for us in previous capelin seasons for many years. They come from here in the town or from the surrounding countryside,’ Gunnar Hermannsson said.