FréttirSkrá á póstlista


Capelin of good quality and size

Venus is due to dock at Vopnafjörður this afternoon with around 1800 tonnes of capelin in its tanks. The catch was taken in two shots yesterday off Skaftárósviti. Four shots were taken this trip, with the gear damaged in two of them.

‘There has been a storm blowing all the way, even though we have been ahead of the worst of the weather,’ said skipper Guðlaugur Jónsson when we spoke to him just as Venus was an hour away form Vopnafjörður.

‘The capelin situation is very good. There are large volumes on the move and they are migrating fast westwards along the coast. I heard this morning that the migration had passed Dyrhólaey. This is large, good quality capelin, and most of what we have caught has a count of between 35 and 40 per kilo. That’s a good figure,’ Guðlaugur Jónsson said.

Venus called at Norðfjörður this morning where its purse seine is being repaired. The gear will be collected on the way back to fishing grounds, but with the weather worsening, there is no prospect of there being fishing weather later today until the low pressure system causing the present conditions has passed.