FréttirSkrá á póstlista


1600 tonnes in two shots

HB Grandi’s Víkingur is steaming to Vopnafjörður with around 1580 tonnes of capelin on board, caught in two shots last night not far from Tvísker near Jökulsárlón in southern Iceland. This is large, good quality capelin, with around 60% female fish, ideal for frozen production.

We spoke to skipper Albert Sveinsson when Víkingur was north of Reyðarfjörður, pushing its way through some poor weather. He said that Víkingur had arrived on the fishing grounds at 1600 yesterday.

‘We took two shots, the first of which was around 1000 tonnes of capelin and the second was close to 600 tonnes – and there’s some heavy fishing in that area. We started off near Tvísker and finished up three nautical miles off Ingólfshöfði. By the time we left the area at around one-thirty in the morning the capelin had reached Ingólfshöfði, which shows how fast they are moving,’ he said.

He commented that they have been taking it easy on the way to Vopnafjörður, as there is no hurry with Venus ahead of them discharging 1100 tonnes they arrived with this morning, and it will take some time to pump the fish ashore and process it.

It´s unfortunate having to start fishing capelin this late. Time passes quickly and we have an unbelievably close deadline. Roe extraction normally starts when the capelin migration reaches the Westmann Islands. In fact, the roe that are extracted then for freezing aren’t fully matured, but after that every day is crucial,’ Albert Sveinsson said.