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Training courses for more than 300 staff

With the seamen’s strike now well into its second month, the time has been used to hold training courses for HB Grandi’s production staff. The company took the decision not to give staff notice, but has instead kept them on payroll throughout the strike. Courses in both first aid and fish production have been held.

The fish production courses are a part of agreements with unions, and the aim of these is to widen staff knowledge of fish production procedures, to increase competency levels and to give them opportunities to develop their skills. Each course is run over 48 hours of attendance, covering the main aspects of their work and the industry sector. This course is taken in stead of taking the standard 40-hour course, with an option for a 14-hour extra course, with each giving two increases in pay scales. This means that a new entrant on the grade 5 pay scale can go up to a grade 9 pay scale after attending two courses.

According to human resources manager Elva Jóna Gylfadóttir, fish production courses were held in Reykjavík at the end of last year and in Akranes in January this year. The fourteen staff who attended the course in Reykjavík are from Vietnam, the Philippines, Thailand, Poland and Serbia. A further eleven staff completed the course at Akranes.

First aid courses have been held at the beginning of this year at Vopnafjörður, where 55 staff had already taken part in a course that had been held in October. Four first aid courses have been run at the Norðurgarður facility in Reykjavík and three have been held at Akranes. Altogether, 293 staff have attended courses at these three HB Grandi locations.