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Snowfall delays Engey’s departure

‘It’s a magnificent ship and if everything goes according to plan, I’m hoping to sail tonight. I expect it to be a 13 to 14 day delivery trip, but we’ll have to see,’ said Friðleifur Einarsson, skipper of HB Grandi’s new trawler Engey, when we spoke to him yesterday  morning.

Fresher trawler Engey, which has been under construction in Turkey for HB Grandi, was bunkering for the trip home when we spoke to the skipper, but heavy snow in Turkey has delayed its departure.

A crew of seven will be taking Engey to Iceland. In addition to skipper Friðleifur Einarsson, his brother Einar Bjarni Einarsson and Emil Sigurður Magnússon are the mates, Bjarni Bjarnason is the cook, and Magnús Sigurðsson is the chief engineer, along with engineers Sigurður R. Sigurðsson and Siguróli Sigurðsson.

Engey has an overall length of 54.76 metres and a beam of 13.50 metres. The main engine is a MAN 6L27/38 developing 1790kW, driving a Reintjes gearbox with a PTO for the shaft generator to turn a MAN 3800mm diameter propeller. The main engine is fitted with a SCR Catalysator scrubber. The two gensets are MAN D2840 LE 301 units, each developing 443kW. Engey has a Naust Marine winch system, with electrical winches throughout. Brunvoll supplied the 300kW bow thruster. The catch handling deck is being prepared by Skaginn 3X and will be installed in Iceland. Engey and its two sister vessels are designed by naval architect Alfreð Tulinius at Nautic ehf.

After its arrival in Reykjavík, Engey is scheduled to steam to Akranes where Skaginn will install the catch and tub handling systems.