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Five million for relief fund

HB Grandi has donated five million ISK (€42,000, £36,000) to the relief fund collection currently managed by UNICEF in Iceland to alleviate the situation in Nigeria and its neighbouring countries where more than 200 children each day die from malnutrition.

According to a UNICEF statement, with the HB Grandi donation, more than ISK20 million have been collected since the appeal was launched. Contributions will go towards alleviating the suffering of malnourished children and providing drugs for sick children, as well as measures to prevent more children falling prey to malnutrition. By using the right procedures and preventative measures, 99% of fatalities among malnourished children in the region can be avoided.

‘HB Grandi has a long history of doing business with Nigeria in exporting seafood which makes it a even more of a pleasure to receive this generous donation. We are extremely grateful to HB Grandi for their support. Time is pressing and every minute matters. A gift on this scale will provide us with immeasurable help in saving the lives of children,’ said Bergsteinn Jónsson, director of UNICEF in Iceland.