FréttirSkrá á póstlista


Good fishing but short quotas on blue whiting

‘Fishing for blue whiting in the Faroese EEZ has been very good,’ said Róbert Axelsson, skipper for this trip on HB Grandi’s pelagic vessel Venus.

‘This is our second trip on blue whiting. We had 2600 tonnes in the first trip and we expect this trip will be similar, but that’s our quota for the year finished.’

When we spoke to him earlier, Venus was fishing north-east of the Faroe Islands alongside four Icelandic trawlers and one Russian, while Víkingur was on its way to the same fishing grounds.

‘There has been steady good fishing since before we arrived here. We’ve been towing from five up to eleven hours and catches have been from 400 tonnes up to 600 tonnes in each haul,’ he said, adding that the blue whiting are evenly sized and in good condition.

‘There’s a big difference compared to fishing here last year. Then there was terrible weather the whole time but this year there has been a constant flat calm,’ he said.

If the fishing stays steady, Venus should be heading for Vopnafjörður later that evening, with a 24-hour steaming time to its destination.