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Groundfish production starts in December

Good progress is being made on preparing HB Grandi’s groundfish processing in Vopnafjörður. According to Bárður Jónsson, the company’s technical manager in Vopnafjörður, the work has overrun its original schedule, mainly due to the shortage of construction workers.

‘But it’s looking good and we expect to be able to start groundfish production here in December if there are no hitches. That’s going to depend mainly on the potential seamen’s strike, which could upset our plans if it happens,’ he said. He commented that around twenty technicians and HB Grandi staff are involved in the last stages of preparation.

‘We’re expecting the Marel flow line to be delivered tomorrow, along with the skinning machine and conveyors from Skaginn. The skin chillers have already been set up and in the next few days we’ll be adding more equipment to all this. Once it’s all in place, it’s up to the electricians and the computer specialists to take over. The air conditioning is practically ready and we still have to finish installing the fire-fighting sprinkler system and the fire alarms’ Bárður Jónsson said.

HB Grandi’s new groundfish production is located in the old Vopnafjörður fish processing building and 35 to 40 staff are expected to work there when production comes to a halt at the nearby HB Grandi pelagic processing plant.