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HB Grandi treats Arctic Circle conference to lunch

More than two thousand people took part in the Arctic Circle conference that took place last week at the Harpa Conference Center and Concert Hall in Reykjavík, ending on Sunday. On Friday all of those attending were invited to lunch courtesy of HB Grandi.

Arctic Circle is an open and democratic forum attended by governments, institutions, companies, universities, environmental NGOs and other parties interested in the development of the Arctic and its consequences for the future of the globe. As such, Arctic Circle is the largest forum of its kind in the world. The chairman of Arctic Circle is Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson, Iceland’s former president.

HB Grandi is one of Arctic Circle’s Strategic Partners and fifteen of the company’s staff took part in the event at Harpa. According to marketing director Brynjólfur Eyjólfsson, it seemed a suitable gesture to offer those attending lunch. The menu included redfish in various guises, and staff from the Kolabrautin restaurant were in charge of cooking and serving lunch.
The menu was as follow:

Fried Golden redfish with spices canned carrots and dill
Grilled Golden redfish with watercress and Jerusalem artichokes
Smoked Golden redfish with kale and fennel
Bread with Golden redfish tartar and Smoked Golden redfish
Vegetable soup with Icelandic root vegetables
Sourdough bread with vegetables
“Skyr” mousse with raspberries 

Kristín Helga Waage Knútsdóttir, assistant to HB Grandi’s CEO, was involved in organising the company’s involvement in the conference and the lunch, and she said that the number of people attending presented no problem.

‘There was very good attendance, as the lunch had been included in the programme for the conference. People took part enthusiastically and there were numerous comments on how good the food was and how well it was presented. The staff at Kolabrautin did a fantastic job and we certainly appreciate all their efforts,’ Kristín Helga Waage Knútsdóttir said. 


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