FréttirSkrá á póstlista


Had to work for our cod

HB Grandi’s trawler Helga María docked in Reykjavík yesterday morning after a five-day trip to the Westfjords. The catch was 140 tonnes, of which around half was cod. Despite this, skipper Ævar Pálsson said that they had to work for their cod off the Westfjords as cod are not there at the moment in heavy concentrations.

‘There seems to be plenty of redfish, both on the Mountains here in the south and around the Víkuráll Gully, and this time that’s where we started on redfish. We worked northwards from there to the Hali grounds and finished on the Sneið area, north-east of the Thveráll Corner, where we found some decent marks of cod,’ he said, commenting that this quota year seems to have started much as the previous one ended, with a constant search for saithe in amounts that are enough to make fishing worthwhile.

‘The saithe are there but they’re difficult to pin down. Cod have also been less to find than often in the past so far this quota year, but as I said, there’s plenty of redfish.’

He said that they expect to sail again later in the week..

‘I plan to start somewhere on our home grounds off the south-west, as there’s a storm forecast off the north coast. We could see right away on Tuesday that the boats were shifting away from the weather and moving further south, and we won’t be going back to the Wesfjords grounds until the weather has dropped away,’ Ævar Pálsson said.