FréttirSkrá á póstlista


Mackerel fishing getting lively

Víkingur docked in Vopnafjördur this afternoon with 540 tonnes on board. This was the result of its second mackerel trip south of Iceland. According to skipper Albert Sveinsson, the mackerel fishing is starting to look more promising, and this was a better trip than the one before.

‘We started on the twelve-mile line in the Breiðamerkur Deep and a shot test haul showed us that there was too much herring by-catch there. We moved further off and after that we had no problems with herring,’ he said, commenting that there is a great deal of herring off the south coast at the moment. The herring is keeping to shallower water than the mackerel, and appears to be seeking even shallower water.

‘It’s best to get 150 to 200 tonnes in a short tow, and to not tow too long as we aim to keep the quality as high as possible. That’s not easy when fishing is scarce and conditions can be variable. Sometimes we get a decent haul, and even though conditions are
exactly the same, there might be nothing at all in the next tow.’

He said that the mackerel are a good size. The average weight this trip was 388 grammes and the mackerel are rapidly putting on weight with plenty of feed in the water. He expects to be back fishing tomorrow night, and Venus is already on the grounds.

‘It’s as well that there are more ships on the mackerel now, and that makes searching much easier,’ Albert Sveinsson said.