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Successful family festival

An estimated 10-12,000 people visited HB Grandi’s festival area at its Nordurgardur location on Seamen’s Day. The company’s family festival alongside Reykjavík’s Festival of the Sea has become an annual event during the Seamen’s Day weekend.

According to Kristín Helga Waage Knútsdóttir, the CEO’s PA, this year’s family festival took place in perfect weather and was an outstanding success.

‘The programme we had was great. It was a popular innovation to have Sprengjugengið (the Bomb Squad) to do some experiments for us that went down very well. Then we had Lazy Town, Lína Langsokkur and Eiríkur Langsokkur, then the Icelandic Circus performed both on stage and also around the festival area. BMX Bros showed us their tricks throughout the festival and ended with a brilliant closing display. The children who wanted to were able to have a go at their obstacle course after the show,’ she said, adding that Víkingur had also been a major attraction.

‘HB Grandi’s newest vessel was open to visitors while the festival took place and many people took the opportunity to look over the ship. There were opportunities for children to have their pictures taken in the skipper’s chair and wearing the right hat for the job, and many children queued up for this. The pictures will go onto HB Grandi’s Facebook page,’ Kristín Helga Waage Knútsdóttir said.

As usual, guests at the Family Festival were offered refreshments, including fish soup, cakes, doughnuts, soft drinks and grilled sausages, while the company offered the younger generation balloons and balloon animals, colouring books and crayons, as well as the chance to have their faces painted.

‘The guests were fantastic on the day and the Family Festival was a huge success in every way,’ she said.


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