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Irminger redfish quota taken in ten days

HB Grandi’s freezer trawler Therney is now fishing east of the Hali fishing grounds and according to skipper Ægir Franzsson, there has been some good fishing on saithe over the last days. Therney shifted to the Westfjords grounds after finishing its Irminger redfish quota for the year on the Reykjanes Ridge, and this year it took Therney only ten days to catch its quota.

‘The fishing on Irminger redfish was very good and we had a live weight of around 500 tonnes over seven of those ten days. Örfirisey was on the same grounds and had much the same catches as we did,’Ægir Franzsson said, commenting that from the Reykjanes Ridge they steamed north the Hampidjan Square area off the west of Iceland once their Irminger redfish quota had been taken.

‘The idea was to search for some Greenland halibut and we went north the Potato Patch, as it’s called, and there was some decent fish on the days when we could fish for sea ice. Then we made our way back to the Hampidjan Square and we’re east of that now and doing nicely on saithe. There’s plenty of trawlers here and they are all searching for saithe,‘ he said.

Therney is scheduled to dock in Reykjavík on Thursday ahead of the Seamen’s Day weekend, so there is only this day to go before it will be time to start steaming home.