FréttirSkrá á póstlista


Good fishing on Lofoten season grounds

Factory trawler Therney has been fishing for the last month in Norwegian waters. Skipper Ægir Fransson expects to haul his gear for the last time this trip tomorrow and set course for home to finish the trip on home grounds. The catch for the trip so far has been an ungutted weight of 1000 tonnes of fish.

‘We started the trip on the Fugløy Bank and on the slopes east of it, and then moved southwards to the Lofoten season area. There was a good amount of haddock there before the cod began to show up in force, and we can have a 30% haddock by-catch,’ he said, adding that the cod has been excellent quality fish.

Ægir Fransson said that he expects to dock at the end of the month and to finish the trip on home grounds after two to three days steaming from Lofoten to fishing grounds off eastern Iceland.