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Capelin roe frozen at Akranes

Capelin processing and frozen roe production began at Akranes yesterday after Venus docked with 900 tonnes on board. The capelin were caught in three shots off the Snæfellsnes peninsula on Sunday. There was no fishing on Monday due to bad weather.

‘We have just sailed from Akranes and are heading for Snæfellsnes where there a few of the boats are shooting on capelin,’ said Venus’s skipper Gudlaugur Jónsson, commenting that the rest of the season is impossible to predict just as experience from past capelin seasons indicates that there are just a few days of fishing left.

‘There isn’t much capelin to be seen in Faxaflói Bay. We had some good fishing for three days and then the weather closed in on us yesterday so we weren’t able to carry on. By then the capelin were in the shallows off Snæfellsnes and all the way east to Mýrar, but with the weather as bad as it was, there was no way to catch it.’

Víkingur is now off the north coast on its way to the fishing grounds off Snæfellsnes, and they are also looking out for any signs of capelin on the way. Skipper Albert Sveinsson expected to be on the fishing grounds off Snæfellsnes around midday tomorrow.

‘We finished our last trip around 30 nautical miles west of Akranes, but now the capelin are further north off Snæfellsnes. We’re hoping to be able to shoot the gear tomorrow, but after that there’s a storm forecast and it’s impossible to predict how things will turn out,‘ he said.