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Capelin roe production starts at Vopnafjördur

Production of frozen capelin roe has started at HB Grandi’s Vopnafjördur factory. Extraction begun on catch landed by Venus the night before last, with a capelin roe content of around 20%.

According to factory manager Magnús Róbertsson in Vopnafjördur, capelin production is a round-the-clock operation. The factory has a production capacity of 40 tonnes per hour extracting roe from the capelin and freezing it, before which they were producing wholefrozen capelin for the Japanese market.

‘There’s a little way to go before the roe reach the maturity that the Japanese market wants, but things are moving fast and we’re hoping that the capelin Víkingur is catching right now west of Reykjanes is going to be perfect for that,’ he said, but declined to be drawn into making any predictions, although there are hopes that the season could last to the middle of the month if the weather holds.

This morning Víkingur had roughly 1000 tonnes of capelin on board while Venus’s catch was still being discharged at Vopnafjördur.