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Svanur grades 130 tonnes of waste in three months

Svanur, HB Grandi's new sorting station, handled 130 tonnes of waste material in its first three months of operations (from October to December last year. According to Svanur’s manager Rafn Haraldsson, around half of the material consisted of metal. Rafn explained that an unusually high volume of metal came from the renovations of the Nordurgardur fish processing facility and the old vessel storage area being cleared out.

‘Before the waste recycling centre was here, the way we handled waste at Nordurgardur was relatively simple. We tried to grade out wood, stainless steel and aluminium, and anything else went into general waste,’ Rafn said, commenting that most of what comes to the Svanur recycling centre is from HB Grandi’s fish processing plant or fishing vessels. In addition to those listed above, there are 13 waste grades that include oil filters, batteries, electric motors, various wire, high quality paper and solvent.

‘The task we were set was to grade all the waste from the company’s facilities in Reykjavík, which means waste from the factory, offices and the vessels. This includes the factory and vessel maintenance workshops. The aim is to reduce significantly the amount of waste going into general garbage and heavy waste over the coming months and years,’ Rafn Haraldsson said, adding that the grading station has two members of staff.

‘We have two excellent employees working here, Gunnar Róbertsson and Helgi Viðarsson, and right from the start they were able to get to grips with this work,’ he said, commenting that in Reykjavík HB Grandi has a contract with Íslenska gámafélagið to remove all graded waste whilst   , Gámaþjónusta Vesturlands fulfils the same requirements at the Akranes location.

‘This co-operation has worked well and Íslenska gámafélagið has worked closely with HB Grandi to develop this recycling project in Reykjavík in terms of preparation, introduction and implementation. We have held introductory meetings with the Nordurgardur staff, as well as with the crews of all the vessels,’ Rafn said. Rafn Haraldsson said.