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29,000 tonnes of frozen product handled

Last year approximately 29,000 tonnes of frozen products passed through Ísbjörninn, HB Grandi’s refrigerated cold store at its Nordurgardur location in Reykjavík. This includes production from the company’s freezer trawlers as well as the processing facilities at Akranes and in Reykjavík, according to Reynir Daníelsson who is managing director of Landar ehf, the company that managed stevedoring services for HB Grandi in both locations.

He said that production by the three freezer trawlers, Örfirisey RE, Höfrungur III Ak and Therney RE came to a total of around 16,000 tonnes last year, plus close to 13.000 tonnes of frozen products from the factories in Nordurgardur and Akranes, all of which went through Ísbjörninn cold store.

The construction of the Ísbjörninn cold store on the eastern side of the HB Grandi factory at Nordurgardur has proved to be a worthwhile investment. Previously, frozen products were stored in refrigerated containers, in small cold stores in Akranes and at Nordurgardur, at the Sundahöfn cold store and even at the Kuldaboli cold store in Thorlákshöfn. The completion of the Ísbjörninn cold store also mean that the number of heavy goods vehicles passing through central Reykjavík with containers has been considerably reduced.