FréttirSkrá á póstlista


A promising start

HB Grandi’s new pelagic vessel Víkingur AK, which was delivered before Christmas, is now in its first trip. According to skipper Albert Sveinsson, he has taken the new ship to grounds south-east of the Faroes to search for blue whiting and today he had 1600 tonnes in the tanks.

‘It’s a promising start and all of the systems on board work exactly as they should. The first hauls was nothing special, but things improved around midday and we had 400 tonnes for that tow,’ he said, adding that they are fishing long 24-hour tows.

Conditions have been rough south of the Faroes in the last few days, with strong winds but no heavy seas. The forecast looks poor for the end of the week, but Albert Sveinsson said that he expects there will be reasonable conditions until at least Thursday. He said that Víkingur is a much better ship in heavy seas than either Faxi RE or Ingunn AK, which he was previously skipper of, and the much better conditions for the crew make a big difference.

Earlier today HB Grandi's other pelagic vessel, Venus NS, left the fishing grounds and began steaming home with full tanks.