FréttirSkrá á póstlista


Some saithe and redfish looking promising

Helga María AK docked in Reykjavík last night with 90 tonnes on board after a short trip on grounds off south-western Iceland. According to Bjarni H. Garðarsson, who was skipper for this trip, they sailed last Friday but had to cut the trip short due to a fault in the boiler.

‘We were mostly on our traditional home grounds, the Mountains and the Jökulltunga grounds, and fishing was fairly quiet. There was some saithe to be seen on the Reykjanes shallows,’ he said, adding that this was mostly taken as bycatch with redfish.

The golden redfish seem healthy, but this isn’t the best time of year for redfish. I’m expecting to see better fishing as the days get longer in February and March, but the best time is through the summer and into autumn,’ he said.

Helga María is due to sail at 1300 tomorrow, and Bjarni Garðarsson was still undecided whether to stay close to home or head for the Westfjords grounds.