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Christmas Celebrations at HB Grandi

Shore-based employees at HB Grandi and subsidiary companies are now on holidays. According to HB Grandi’s Groundfish Operation Manager Torfi Thorsteinsson, production activities will be resumed January 4th at Reykjavik and Akranes plants.
Like in previous years HB Grandi organized Christmas buffets for the shore-based staff at their different locations during lunch time.
The celebrations in Akranes took place during December 17th and 18th at the three different locations. Nordanfiskur and Vignir, subsidiaries of HB Grandi, organized gift exchanges between the staff in addition to the Christmas buffets. As for HB Grandi processing plant in Akranes, around 200 people attended the Christmas buffet. Students from Brekkubaer school in Akranes provided holiday music during the buffet.
130 people assisted the celebration organized on December 15th at Vopnafjordur facilities. While in Reykjavik approximately 200 people attended the Christmas lunch buffet.
According to Kristin Helga Waage Knutsdottir at Human Resources, 600 people were the total of attendees for all these celebrations.


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