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Faxi delivered to new owners

Pelagic vessel Faxi RE has been handed over to its new owners, Westmann Islands company Vinnslustöðin, earlier today. The handover took place at Hampidjan’s premises in the Skarfabakki quayside of the freight harbour. The vessel, which is now called Kap VE, starts fishing for its new owners this evening after taking fishing gear on board.

HB Grandi CEO Vilhjálmur Vilhjálmsson and pelagic manager Garðar Svavarsson handed over the vessel to skippers Jón Atli Gunnarsson and Gísli Garðarsson, and fleet manager Guðni Guðnason.

The sale of Faxi is part of HB Grandi’s fleet renewal, with new vessels Venus NS and the new Víkingur AK, now on its way from Turkey, replacing three older vessels. Vinnslustöðin purchased two of the vessels, Ingunn AK, which was delivered earlier this year, as well as Faxi. The third vessel, Lundey NS is for sale.

Faxi was originally Jón Finnson RE and later Kap VE, and it can be said that with this sale, it is back at its original home. It was built in Poland in 1987 for Gísli Jóhannesson and later sold to Vinnslustöðin, In 1998 was it sold to Faxamjöl hf when it was renamed Faxi. It was later registered to HB Grandi when subsidiary company Faxamjöl was absorbed by HB Grandi.


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