FréttirSkrá á póstlista


Doing well in fine weather

Venus NS is now the only Icelandic pelagic vessel fishing blue whiting in Faroese waters and catch rates are reasonably good, according to Róbert Axelsson who is skipper for this trip. Weather conditions are good and the sea is calm.

‘We’re on our third tow now and we had 350 tonnes out of the first two hauls. There was still a storm blowing when we got here until the weather dropped away last night and now there’s no wind and a calm sea,’ he said when we spoke to him yesterday afternoon. He commented that these are long tows, but the blue whiting are good quality fish that make top-grade fishmeal and fish oil.

‘The fishing had been excellent over those last few days but that can change from one day to the next. My feeling is that we could see more fish there during the storm yesterday, but you have to take what you’re given. It’s perfect fishing weather today and the forecast looks good,’ he said.

It has been some time since Venus was last in Faroese waters, and this is down to the weather. During the previous trip they only took two hauls in the Rose Garden before steaming back to Vopnafjördur with 380 tonnes on board. After that a heavy storm was forecast for eastern Iceland and for the blue whiting grounds in Faroese waters.