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Defibrillators in all HB Grandi locations

Employees at HB Grandi’s fish drying facility in Akranes recently attended a first aid course run by the local Red Cross branch, and these courses are a regular feature of human resource development   both at sea and ashore. The course was attended by 25 staff on this occasion.

‘This was a good opportunity to refresh our first aid knowledge. The main improvement since the last first aid course is that now this includes training to use the defibrillators that are in all HB Grandi locations.The emphasis was on training to use these, but of course we hope that this is knowledge that we’ll never have to use,’ said Lára Bogey Finnbogadóttir, who works in the fish drying plant.

All team leaders within HB Grandi have also been given instruction in using the defibrillators and first aid courses are held regularly.

‘It’s good that this equipment is readily available throughout companies and public buildings. You can never tell when the call might come and when it does, it’s as well to be prepared. It has been proven that conventional first aid and defibrillators save lives,’ she said.

Other training courses taking place at HB Grandi include a management course for ships’ officers that is being run this and next month. This includes examining the company’s human resources policy and the demands this makes of both managers and staff. The courses are used to discuss the role managers are expected to play and ways of motivating and rewarding staff. Crewmen have also been on courses run by insurers to examine risk assessments, accident recording and factors that lead to accidents. In connection with the opening of the new Svanur, waste collection and sorting station, both seagoing and shore-based staff at Nordurgardur have taken part in training to grade waste under the auspices of Íslenska Gámafélagið.

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