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Helga María contributes to fishing gear research

Fresher trawler Helga María AK is now fishing off the Westfjords and when we spoke to skipper Heimir Gudbjörnsson, the ship was in a position at the eastern end of the Víkuráll Gully with a course set for the banks and from there past the Gully. He said that they reckoned to be at the Nætursalan grounds tonight, as the area just outside the Víkuráll Gully is known.

‘We started the trip off the Eldey Stack and on the Reykjanes Shallows, where we´ve had a small amount of saithe and some redfish with it. The fishing wasn’t good enough to stay, so we decided to try for golden redfish off the Westfjords. We’ve had one short tow so far and the prospects look good,’ he said.

Helga María’s last trip was an unusual one, as joining the crew were three staff from the Marine Research Institute and one from Hampidjan carrying out fishing gear trials.

‘We were trying a four-panel codend in T90 netting. The codend, made by Hampidjan, is built with their DynIce Quickline rigging setup and it has already worked very well on board Sturlaugur H Bödvarsson. They say it opens better than a conventional codend and so it releases more small fish. To check how effective it is, we also had a small-mesh bag around the codend itself. In short, it seems to work very well and we expect that the Marine Research Institute will publish the results shortly,’ Heimir Gudbjörnsson said.