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2600 tonnes of blue whiting received

So far this winter HB Grandi’s Vopnafjördur fishmeal plant has received approximately 2600 tonnes of blue whiting for processing. Factory manager Sveinbjörn Sigmundsson is satisfied with the fish, commenting that it is first-class raw material.

‘Venus NS has landed here once, with 1700 tonnes, and they were back here at the weekend with another 900 tonnes. By then there was a storm blowing so they were called in,’ he said.

The blue whiting have been fished mainly at the outer edge of the Rose Garden close to the Faroese-Icelandic line where there has been good fishing for the past two weeks.

‘This is better raw material than the fish were seeing landed in the spring. The fish are fatter and the oil content is now around 4%. It looks like this fishing is going to continue. Venus has switched to herring now, and Lundey NS moved over to blue whiting after landing herring here. Faxi RE also landed 700 tonnes of herring for processing, so we have plenty to keep us busy at the moment,’ Sveinbjörn Sigmundsson said.