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660 tonnes of herring to Vopnafjördur

Lundey NS is expected to dock after midnight tonight with around 660 tonnes of Icelandic summer-spawning herring on board. The fish were caught in four hauls west of Gardsskagi and in the Jökull Deeps over the weekend and yesterday.

‘We hauled the first tow around midday on Saturday in some filthy weather. Then it wasn’t until yesterday that the weather improved and we started getting some decent catches,’ said skipper Albert Sveinsson when we spoke to him with Lundey in a position off Stokksnes on its way to Vopnafjördur.

He said that there have been signs of herring off the west coast, although there have been few strong marks to be seen.

‘It doesn’t look very encouraging at the moment but now that there is more of a fleet at sea, we should be able to get more of a picture of where the fish are. The herring are good quality, large fish and should be perfect for processing, but it wouldn’t do any harm if the fishing could be better,’ Albert Sveinsson said.