FréttirSkrá á póstlista


Long search for saithe

Freezer trawler Therney RE docked in Reykjavík early this morning after fishing for three weeks on Westfjords grounds. Therney has 460 tonnes in its fishroom and skipper Kristinn Gestsson said he was satisfied with the trip.

‘We were fishing across an area from the Víkuráll Gully and northeastwards as far as the Dragáll Gully north-east of North Cape. We were looking for saithe, with limited results for the first part of the trip. Things worked out eventually towards the end and we did well on saithe in the Thveráll Gully Corner,’ he said, adding that both he and other skippers have searched hard for saithe since the summer.

‘Before now this has been a good time of the year for saithe off the Westfjords, but now it seems the saithe have gone elsewhere to hunt for food, unless they’re chasing small capelin north of the Westfjords,’ he said and commented that most of this trip’s catch was golden redfish, followed by saithe, cod and finally some haddock.

He said that there is plenty of golden redfish to be found off the Westfjords, especially off the Víkuráll Gully, and both cod and haddock are in good shape; but the search continues for saithe.

‘Now this is the time of year when there’s normally good fishing for saithe off the east coast, but I understand that fishing has been very slow so far,’ Kristinn Gestsson said.