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Fishing over on Atlanto-Scandian herring

Lundey NS is now in Vopnafjördur, having finished the last of the HB Grandi fleet’s Atlanto-Scandian herring trips for the year. The quota has been cut so severely since last year that the direct fishery on Atlanto-Scandian herring that opened last week is over.

According to Lundey’s skipper, Albert Sveinsson, they had no problem catching their herring.

‘We were in the Nordfjördur Deeps yesterday afternoon and took two hauls, and had 250 tonnes in each. This is good-sized, good quality herring and our average weights from these hauls were 370 and 396 grammes,’ he told us when we were able to speak to him yesterday, when Lundey was on its way to Vopnafjördur.

‘The herring hug the bottom during the day and there’s no point chasing them unless there’s a smooth seabed there. In our first tow we had the gear at 90 to 130 fathoms and took care to keep off of the bottom but close to it. Then the herring came up to only seven fathoms from the surface during the evening when we had our second tow. Now the weather forecast looks bad and we’re not going to stay here as there’s already a storm brewing out here,’ he said.

This is Lundey’s only pure herring trip of this short season, and they finished their mackerel fishery on the 12th of September. Faxi RE arrived with its herring catch in Vopnafjördur yesterday morning and Venus NS was then steaming south and will be in Akranes until the Icelandic summer-spawning herring season begins, which could start as early as the beginning of next month.

Lundey is due for dry docking for routine maintenance. The vessel will then be laid up or sold once Víkingur AK, currently under construction in Turkey, arrives before Christmas. Westmann Islands company VSV has already bought Faxi RE, which will be handed over to its new owners in early December.