FréttirSkrá á póstlista


Herring fishery opens

Faxi RE is now at Vopnafjördur with around 500 tonnes of herring on board for processing. This is the first landing of targeted herring to Vopnafjördur this season, as the fleet has been concentrating on mackerel up to now. Now that the mackerel quota is close to being finished, it’s time to turn to Atlanto-Scandian herring.

‘We started fishing up in the Herring Loophole which is where the mackerel have mostly been. We hadn’t been more than an hour in the fishing grounds when we parted a warp and we had to steam home,’ said Karl Ferdinandsson, who is skipper for this trip when we spoke to him yesterday.

Faxi steamed to Nordfjördur, nineteen hours from the fishing grounds, for the DynIce warp to be repaired.

‘The the decision was taken that we should look for herring and leave the other vessels to finish the mackerel quota. We started off the Glettinganes Shallows and ended in the Nordfjördur Deeps. We took three hauls to make 500 tonnes,’ he said and added that the herring look to be in prime condition with an average weight of 380 grammes from these three hauls.

He said that the herring only show from dusk and through the night. There were some good catches the previous night, as well as last night.

Due to a reduction in the quota for Atlanto-Scandian herring, each of HB Grandi’s pelagic vessels is expected to complete only two trips off the east coast. After that comes the fishing for Icelandic summer-spawning herring, with the possibility of some blue whiting before the end of the year.

Venus NS is now landing 900 tonnes of mackerel at Vopnafjördur. Lundey NS is fishing for mackerel in the Herring Loophole and had between 400 and 500 tonnes on board this morning.