FréttirSkrá á póstlista


Searching for mackerel

‘The mackerel have been elusive this trip. The fish seem to have spread out and there have been pelagic boats searching for them all over. Right now we in a position about sixty nautical miles off the coast, just where another boat did well on mackerel last night. But shot away in this morning and it was only after midday that we started to see something in the trawl,’ said Lundey’s skipper Albert Sveinsson just as he was about to haul the last tow of the trip deep off the south-east coast.

There were already 380 tonnes of fish in Lundey’s tanks and he said he expected to dock in Vopnafjördur late that night.

‘We started off by searching in the Little Deeps as the fishing on mackerel has been good there and around Hvalbak for a while. Things didn’t work out as we had expected, there wasn’t much mackerel to be found and our time went into searching over a wide area. If we go in too shallow, there’s a risk of hitting herring instead, which we don’t want to be catching right now,’ he said, adding that they had a taste of some large-sized, good quality Atlanto-Scandian herring the previous day.

‘So we shifted out here last night and hopefully this will give us another shot of mackerel,’ Albert Sveinsson said.