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A life saved on board Örfirisey RE

Correct actions made the difference between life and death on board the freezer trawler Örfirisey RE on the morning of Demember 5th. Chief mate Kristján Víðir Kristjánsson was heading for his berth after a long night shift when he collapsed in front of his shipmate in the ship’s coat room. Kristján was experiencing a heart attack, which later led to a cardiac arrest. The proper reactions of his shipmates and the defibrillator on board saved Kristján’s life that fateful day.

This article is from Þúfa – HB Grandi‘s newsletter. There the whole story is told and Kristján interviewed, as well as his shipmates Björn Bragi Sigmundsson and Víðir Lárusson, who were his main rescuers on board the vessel.

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