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Ásbjörn back at sea

Things turned out better than had been expected after fresher trawler Ásbjörn RE was unfortunate enough to catch the codend of the trawl in its propeller two nights ago. They were fishing on the Hali grounds and the skipper reacted immediately by calling for assistance. By good fortune, another of HB Grandi’s trawlers, Sturlaugur H Bödvarsson, was also fishing off the Westfjords and was able to tow Ásbjörn to Ísafjördur.

‘We were fishing in the Thveráll Gully, about two hours from Ásbjörn’s position when we herd of the accident,’ said Sturlaugur H Bödvarsson’s skipper Magnús Kristjánsson, commenting that they started towing Ásbjörn at around 3 AM. Weather conditions were good and they were alongside at Ísafjördur around midday yesterday.

HB Grandi’s marine superintendent Gísli Jónmundsson said a diver had already been arranged in Ísafjördur to clear the propeller and this was done quickly. The trawler was back at sea later that same day.

‘According to the information I have from the chief engineer, the stern gear and the reduction gear were tested before they sailed so it seems there has been no damage. There’s no sign of any oil leaks around the screw packing or any vibration from the main engine. The divers also said the propeller blades and the rudder appeared to be in good condition,’ Gísli Jónmundsson said.