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Negotiations on the sale of shares in Stofnfiskur hf.

HB Grandi hf. has decided to enter into negotiations with a certain investor regarding the potential sale of the Company’s shares in Stofnfiskur hf.

Stofnfiskur hf. is the largest producer of salmon eggs in Iceland, as well as a leader in a modern aquaculture breeding program.

HB Grandi hf. owns 69.94% of total shares in Stofnfiskur, with the book value of € 7.1 million at the end of year 2013 according HB Grandi’s annual accounts for the year 2013.

It is not possible to predict at this point how long the negotiations will last as the negotiations are subject to certain terms and conditions. The Company will publish further information as the negotiations progress.

For more information contact:
Vilhjalmur Vilhjalmsson
CEO of HB Grandi
Tel. +354 858 1007