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Venus almost ready for launch

Construction of the new Venus NS-150, being built for HB Grandi at the Celiktrans shipyard in Turkey, is progressing well and the ship is expected to be launched early next month.

According to superintendent Thórarinn Sigurbjörnsson, the bridge and funnel housing were fitted last Monday.

‘The main engine, reduction gear, shaft generator, thrusters, all of the engine room equipment and the RSW system are in place and the yard is working on the piping and electrical networks. Fitting the propeller and rudder have yet to be completed and the foremast still needs to be erected,’ he said, commenting that the ship should be ready to be launched in around one month.

Sections for the second pelagic vessel, Víkingur AK, are still being constructed and assembling the sections has not yet begun.

‘The construction of the second vessel isn’t moving quite as fast, as the effort is mainly going into building Venus,’ Thórarinn Sigurbjörnsson said.