FréttirSkrá á póstlista


Good fishing on saithe and redfish

The new quota year opens in two days and those who have uncaught quota that they don’t want to lose or hold over to next year have been busy this past month. Ævar Jóhannesson, skipper of freezer trawler Hofrungur III AK for the current trip, says catches have been good.

‘We reached the Westfjords grounds on the first of August and started fishing on the Hali grounds where we had good fishing on saithe. Then we shifted to the Horn bank for some good haddock fishing. After that we steamed to Reykjavík for a half-landing around the middle of the month and the catch for the first half of the trip was approximately 500 tonnes of fish,’ he said, adding that once they had finished landing, they went straight back to the Westfjords.

‘We have been fishing in the Víkurál Gully and there has been very heavy fishing on golden redfish there. We have tried to keep as deep as we can where we get the larger fish that are better quality than the ones we get closer in. The second half of the trip looks like another roughly 500 tonnes and most of it is redfish.’

Ævar Jóhannesson said that now only Höfrungur III and Örfirisey are still fishing in the Víkurál Gully, while Bardi NK and two Samherji trawlers have gone home.

‘We’ll start steaming home to Reykjavík late on Saturday evening. The quota year ends on Sunday night at midnight, but the fish is recorded according to the landing date, not to the individual vessel’s catch log,’ he said.