FréttirSkrá á póstlista


Ready for the herring

‘The mackerel fishing has been excellent and we aren’t seeing much of a herring by-catch with it where we have been fishing,’ said Arnthór Hjörleifsson, skipper of Lundey NS, when we spoke to him yesterday.

‘We have been mostly in the Little Deeps, off Hvalbakur and as far west as the Berufjördur Gully where most of our mackerel has been around 400 grammes.

Lundey sailed from Vopnafjördur yesterday and was south-east of Iceland when we spoke to Arnthór Hjörleifsson and he said that the last trip was 450 tonnes, which is the amount that most of the pelagic vessels have been landing for each trip.

‘There was some herring in the first of our four hauls and after that it was practically clean mackerel. I gather the company has around 4000 tonnes left, so it’s clear that we’ll be switching to herring some time soon. I hear that the Hornafjördur boats are already on herring off the south-east of Iceland. Faxi RE had some herring in the Heradsfloa Deeps in its last trip and the chances are that’s where we’ll be starting when we begin looking for herring,’ he said.

The status of HB Grandi’s other pelagic vessels is that Faxi is discharging at Vopnafjördur and Ingunn AK is steaming in to land with a good catch of mackerel taken in two hauls south-east of Iceland.