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Successful day at Reykjavík’s Zoo and Family Park

HB Grandi’s family day was held at the Zoo and Family Park in Laugardalur in perfect weather yesterday. More than six hundred people took part and it was unanimous that the event was a success.

According to HB Grandi Project Manager Sæmundur Árni Hermannsson, both participation and weather were excellent. Grilled hot dogs were on offer as well as ice cream for those who wanted it from the ice cream van on site. Children were given balloons as two young balloon artists kept people enthralled as they twisted balloons into different shapes and forms according to the children's wishes..

Three-year co-operation agreement
According to Thorkell Heidarsson, who runs the Zoo and Family Park’s fish and seal area, a three-year contract was signed recently with HB Grandi for the company to supply feed for both fish and seals.

‘We had already been in co-operation with HB Grandibut this agreement ensures that we have access to raw material of highest possible quality whenever we need it. We require around five tonnes of feed per year. Most of this is herring, although we also use capelin and other pelagic species. The agreement with HB Grandi ensures the welfare of the fish and the seals, aswe have experienced problems in the past in obtaining enough herring for the seals. They are fussy feeders and now they can be sure of getting top quality herring for the coming years,’ he said.

Companies organising family days at the zoo is fairly common and Thorkell said that HB Grandi's organisation had been outstanding.

‘The staff told me afterwards that this family day had been organised as well as it possibly could have been,’ Thorkell Heidarsson said.