FréttirSkrá á póstlista


Patchy fishing, but good quality

Faxi RE docked at Vopnafjördur at midday yesterday with 380 tonnes of mackerel on board, the results of two days’ fishing on the shallows off south-east Iceland. There is now a queue to land at Vopnafjördur as Norwegian pelagic vessels are discharging capelin, but Faxi’s chief mate Hjalti Einarsson expects to be able to finish landing their catch this evening.

‘There weren’t many boats out there off the south-east coast when we arrived for our first haul three days ago, but the numbers have been increasing. Most of the pelagic boats are fishing around the Westmann Islands and south of Reykjanes, but we decided that it wasn’t a good idea to have such a long steam to land our catch,’ he said, commenting that the south-east fishing grounds are fairly limited for catching mackerel.

‘There are small patches we have been able to shoot on, but they disappear quickly. Sometimes we get next to nothing out of it, otherwise there’s something to be had.’

The fishing grounds are twelve hours’s steaming time from Vopnafjördur, and as a result, Hjalti Einarsson said that the fish are fresh, with very little feed in them which makes them ideal for frozen production.

‘These are mixed size fish, although it looks like the bulk of this landing is 330 to 340 gramme fish,’ he said.

Ingunn AK and Lundey NS are at sea and Faxi’s catch was to be pumped ashore last evening, so it should be back at sea tonight.