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Slow fishing on blue whiting in Faroese waters

The fishing for blue whiting has been slow these last few weeks in Faroese waters. It seems that the fish are keeping to much the same areas over these weeks, SSW of the Faroes, and there have so far been no indications of fish in catchable amounts further north. 

‘Fishing has been quiet and we’ve had to work for our fish,’ said Albert Sveinsson, skipper of Faxi RE, which is now steaming to Vopnafjördur with a full load of roughly 1500 tonnes.

This is a 30-hour steam from the fishing grounds and he expected to be there at around 1900 today.

‘It’s a battle. We’ve normally shot the gear around midnight and towed for the best part of a day and a night. Catches have been from 150 up to 300 tonnes in a haul. "We have had seven tows in this trip and that’s what we have had,‘ he said, commenting that he expects one more trip before the Seamen’s Day stopover and a second trip in the beginning of June. Towards the end of June they will look at switching to fishing on mackerel and Atlanto-Scandian herring.