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Sculpture course held in old HB Grandi meal plant

Artist Ólöf Nordal is holding a course in sculpture at the old HB Grandi fishmeal factory on the Reykjavík quayside under the auspices of the Iceland Academy of the Arts. Ten students are taking part in the course, including two overseas students studying at the academy and two foreign exchange students, all funded by the EU Erasmus initiative.

The six-week course began at the end of February and ends on the 3rd of April. According to Ólöf Nordal, the space in the former fishmeal plant is both unusual and special, which is why she was keen to hold it there.

‘We are working with sculptures and space, and the space is very special. All of the floors have been removed, leaving a huge available height, making this an exciting place for a course like this. We are working with the environment around the port, which is where the students seek inspiration. One student has been working with ropes that Hampidjan’s managers were kind enough to donate. Another took interviews with people who are familiar with the building’s background and a third is making a bust of General Marshall,’ Ólöf Nordal said, adding that the building is often referred to as the ‘Marshall House.’

Several of the works created during the course are close to being complete and she said that the intention is to hold an exhibition today, with students from the Iceland Academy of the Arts invited to attend.